AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVCAAAAJDIwOTlhMzYwLTA5MjYtNDUwMS04Zjc4LWQ4MzJhMzNlYjMzNAMy name is Martyn, I am currently studying MSc Bioarchaeology at the University of Exeter, after completing a BSc Biology degree at Plymouth University, and Pangealogical is my blog! As the title suggests it is dedicated to the sciences. Posts will cover mainly biological and archaeological areas but will incorporate anything from microbiology to geology to astrobiology and anything in-between that I find fascinating. Including my thoughts and discussion on new and ground breaking research. Broader issues such as science communication, religion and cultural history may also be covered from time to time. I’m always keen to hear peoples thoughts, ideas and feedback so rampant commenting is strongly encouraged!

If you have any queries or questions feel free to comment on here and i’ll get back to you, or tweet me @WingMartyn

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