Introducing the worlds blackest material: Vantablack

British scientists created the original Vantablack (Virtually Aligned NanoTube Arrays) in 2014, which then held the record for the blackest material in the world. But they’ve outdone themselves and made a new Vantablack that can absorb up to 99.8% of light.

The material is made from carbon nanotubes. The nanotubes are so small that light photons can’t get inside, but instead fit into the small spaces between the tubes, where they are captured. So that the photons aren’t reflected back and the material seems to just absorb the laser beams. Vantablack absorbs more than just visible light, and is effective across a whole range of the spectrum.

Whats the point of making a material such as this you ask?

Well this material could have a whole host of applications such as reducing light pollution in telescopes, improving infrared cameras or to increase the absorption of heat in solar power technology.


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